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Hi, I have a program developed in Visual Studio .NET, using the edtFTPnet/Pro component connecting to a FileZilla server.  For all customers except one, connection and file transfer works fine.  But for one customer only, his machine receives an 'access is denied' message when connecting.  The only way to make it work on his machine, is to run the .NET program using 'Run As Administrator' - then it connects correctly.  Machine is running Windows 10, and the user account has local admin rights.

Does anyone know of a possible reason for this?

It must be something to do with the configuration of the customer's pc, as the same program is used by all other customers and they are connecting without resorting to administrator mode.

Thanks, Paul.

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Since it works as administrator, it must be a permissions issue of some sort. It's pretty unusual not to be able make outgoing connections, though, so perhaps the Windows firewall on the machine is preventing it for this user?