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Hello Team,

We are using Version 7.1.0 of edtFTPj/PRO in our application to connect to the 3rd party SFTP server. However, we are getting below error for three different clients. Also, the received size in the exception is always the same for all clients (different files/servers).
I'm wondering Is it possible to turn off that check.

Caused by: com.enterprisedt.net.j2ssh.transport.SFTPReadMismatchException: FXP_READ mismatch. Requested: 65535 received: 32768
	at com.enterprisedt.net.j2ssh.SftpClient.a(SftpClient.java:715)
	at com.enterprisedt.net.j2ssh.SftpClient.get(SftpClient.java:925)
	at com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.ssh.SSHFTPClient.get(SSHFTPClient.java:1268)
	at com.sps.dc4.fb2.channels.sftp.SFTPChannel.read(SFTPChannel.java:105)

I would appreciate your help in this issue.


Nikolay Blindov
SPS Commerce

1 Answer

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Set setMaxQueuedReadRequests(1) prior to connection.
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Hello Team,

Unfortunately, I couldn't find  method setMaxQueuedReadRequests in SSHFTPClient,ProFTPClientInterface, SshConnectionProperties (package com.enterprisedt.net.j2ssh).

I'm wondering you can specify how the property can be set.

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What version are you using?
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We are using Version 7.1.0 of edtFTPj/PRO
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It might be this property has been added for the next release. If you want to try a pre-release, please open a ticket here. BTW, these forums are quite low priority, so if you have a valid support agreement, you'll get much faster support by opening a ticket.