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We have a problem when trying to rename a file and move it after getting it in a local computer.

We use the following C# code:

bool rename = clientFtp.RenameFile(file.Path, moveToPath);

When we use something like that

  • file.Path = "/test/test/BlankPdf.pdf"
  • moveToPath = "test_treated/BlankPdf.pdf"

=> it works well.

But we want to rename & move the file to the folder of level N-1:

  • file.Path = "/test/test/BlankPdf.pdf"
  • moveToPath = "../test_treated/BlankPdf.pdf"

=> we got an error: The file path does not exist or is invalid. (code=2).

NB1: The target directory exists, because we create it before, if required.
NB2: We use edtFTPnetPRO 9.0.020.

Is it a problem of FTP path syntax ?

Or is it just impossible to rename & move a file to a folder of level N-1 ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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It depends on the server as to whether it supports this syntax. There's no standard, and so some servers will and others won't.
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Thanks a lot for your answer.

Can you give me additional information to your answer ?
Is it a global FTP configuration ?

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No, it's dependent on the server.