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I would like to set a Public Link to a Cusstomer with expiration date and password.

The GUI Could be like this....

This shoud create a Public link like this:


If the person witch clicks the link there should be a password check like this:

After the expired Date the public link should not be accessible anymore

2 Answers

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Please take a look at CompleteBox, which is a client application for creating shareable links.

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CompleteFTP's web-based FileManager is able to share files in the manner you're describing. If you need a user interface exactly like you're describing then you can develop it with CompleteFTP (see here). Our server-side scripting language is JSS, which is Javascript + an extensive API for integrating with CompleteFTP and performing common operations. Although it's not currently documented, the API does allow integration with CompleteFTP's file-sharing system, allowing you to manage user shares, including creating new ones. We'd be happy to advise you on how to get started on your development project.