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We are using edtFTpnetPro version and it appears that when the target folder contains more than approximately 350 files (the most we have ever successfully downloaded is 351) then when trying to get a list of the files from the target folder we are getting a "Cannot access a disposed object.  Object name: 'System.Net.Sockets.Socket'" exception.  I am working on getting the code to run locally and enable debugging but I was wondering if this rings any bells and if there is a simple configuration (timeout) setting to fix this issue when there are large number of files in a target folder.  I am not the original developer and am taking over this process that has had this issue for years.  I was hoping upgrading to the latest version would magically fix it :)
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There's no explicit limit and 350 isn't even a particularly large number of files, so I wouldn't expect any timeout problems listing the directory, though it's true that that can happen on directories with many thousands of files in them. I think that testing locally is an excellent idea. I expect you'll find that it works fine. If not, then I suggest checking the server log for error messages, as I expect that that's where the problem lies.

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