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I have always worked on the basis that so long as a file is being dropped using SFTP and using Port 22 then the server software will identify a newly dropped file and use it to trigger the scripts.  

I have a situation where I have four files and three are triggering the scripts perfectly but one is not.  The one file is being delivered to us by a different method and the third party swears they are using SFTP/22 so are there any other conditions that must be met?

The file does pass the normal filename filters!

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Could you clarify which 'different method' they are using?

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Hi, sorry that sounded a bit odd with hindsight.  I just meant they were not using the same software package as us.  I am not sure exactly what package they are using (I can find out but I don't want to be interested in the nicest possible way) but the swear it just uses the SFTP protocal and utilises Port 22.  They have no issues if they manually drop the file using WinSCP - so something about what it is doing is different.  I just don't know what other question to ask them other than to confirm SFTP/22 but their automated routine is doing something different - thats why I thought I would confirm if there were ny other stipulations here that I was unaware of.
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