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I have setup a folder on the C drive where i have Firmwares/settings/backups for IP Phones.During phone boots it will download (HTTP) The firmware & settings properly. To upload the phone backup (anonymous) i get a "permission denied". I assume the anonymous user has read-only checked in properties? the setting is greyed out. How should this be setup in order to get the upload working? We bought 3 enterprise licenses exactly for this purpose.

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Obviously the read-only checkbox is greyed out for security reasons, but it is possible to override it using the command-line.  I'd prefer for this not to be public as it's not something we'd like users to do without having a good reason, so can you please open a ticket here and we'll send you the solution.

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That would be helpful as we're not upgrading the whole Voip landscape. A ticket was already open, i'll check on the status. Thank you.