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Is there a different way to setup mft sites vs sftp?  We are trying to access an mft site and we are getting an authentication failed error.   I just want to confirm that we don't have to doing anything different when setting up the mft site vs the sftp site.
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MFT isn't a protocol per se.  Do you mean FTP or FTPS?
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mft is managed file transfer and it seems to be an enhanced sftp.
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It's not enhanced SFTP.  It's more of a general concept that describes the general requirements for file-transfer in a corporate setting.  Here's a quote from Wikipedia that explains it.

"MFT applications are characterized by having all or most of the following features:
* Support multiple file transfer protocols including PeSIT, FTP/S, OFTP, SFTP, SCP, AS2, and HTTP/S.
* Securely transfer files over public and private networks using encrypted file transfer protocols.
* Securely store files using multiple data encryption methods
* Automate file transfer processes between trading partners and exchanges including detection and handling of failed file transfers.
* Authenticate users against existing user repositories such as LDAP and Active Directory
* Integrate to existing applications using documented APIs (application programming interfaces)
* Generate detailed reports on user and file transfer activity."

CompleteFTP satisfies all of those requirements (except for PeSIT, OFTP and AS2) and can therefore be said to be an MFT server.  We're also currently developing a client-side product that will provide a secure, reliable channel between client and server.  It should be available in May.

What are you actual business requirements, though?  If you let us know what you're trying to achieve then we can advise you on how you can do it.
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We are trying to connect to a site mft.blahblahblah.com, using the EDFTPNet software and we are getting an authentication error.   I'm just trying to verify that I'm not missing a setting that is causing this error.

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