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When will edtFTPProNet support .NET Core?

The question has been asked last in October 2018 where the answer was "late 2019". 2019 is over in 29 days. What is the current status?

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We have progressed by porting a lot of code to use BouncyCastle, which is .NET Core compatible, but unfortunately it won't be finished this year.  It is becoming increasingly urgent though, as we're being asked more and more, so we'll have to do it next year.

Our SFTP functionality should be easier to port than FTPS (due to our FTPS implementation's use of Windows certificate APIs), so we're considering releasing the SFTP functionality as .NET Core first.  Which protocols are you using?
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We are using SFTP for upload and download of files. No UI or anything else. For porting our own software the last big issue has been removed with the release of Core 3.0 so we will port it in the first quarter of 2020 (likely end of January/early February). The only thing that is right now still blocking us from the port is edtFtpProNet. So if the release of Core support is within the first quarter I can delay our port a bit. Otherwise we will have to look for an alternative. We can't wait much longer ourselves.
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Do you use SSHFTPClient or SecureFTPConnection as your main interface?
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We've actually got edtFTPnet/PRO building on .NET Standard 2.0, but most of it will only work on Windows for now.  Is Windows your target platform, or are you planning to go multi-platform?
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No plans for multi-platform. For now it's Windows only.
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We have an experimental .NET Standard 2.0 build of edtFTPnet/PRO available for you to test.  Can you please open a support ticket at enterprisedt.com/help, so that I can send you the link in a private channel?
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Good afternoon Support - just wondering if you are any closer to actually releasing it.  At this point in time all we need is for it to work on Windows servers.  Porting to .net standard 2.0 and net 3.1/5.0 is priority over getting our software to run on linux.
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Hi Mike,

I have emailed you regarding this. Hopefully you have already tried the experimental build?