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I am using windows 2019 FTP server with Self-signed certificate.

myftp = new Ftp.SecureFTPConnection

myftp.Protocol = ftp.FileTransferprotocol.FTPSExplicit

myftp.ServerValidation = FTP.SecureFTPServerValidationType.AutomaticNoNameCheck

When I start the connection, I get the following Exception:

"The certificate could not be verified: UntrustedRoot - A certification chain processed correctly but terminated in a root certification not trusted by the trust provider".

When connect to the same FTP server using CoreFTP, I have to accept the self-signed certificate for the client to connect.

How do I get this option or automatically accept the self-signed in my client? I am using the latest EDTFTPnetPro.

Thank you.

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See the User Guide, here, for how to set the server certificate.