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We have many FTP Connections made from our system. While the read and write operations are successful, we get a Warning message for every transaction. The exception stacktrace is when we call ftpClient.quit at the end. The stacktrace is as follows

com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.FTPException: 350 File exists, ready for destination name.

at com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.FTPControlSocket.validateReply(FTPControlSocket.java:1330)

at com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.FTPClient.quit(FTPClient.java:4515)

We are using edtftpj-pro - 5.3.1 and jdk-11.0.2 

Can you please let us know on what scenario this can occur and if we can do something to avoid this?

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You'll need to supply the relevant part of a debug log file.

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