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The following code returns the error "No such host is known":

                            evLog.WriteEntry("get ftp folder=" + site.SiteLocation + folder.FolderName);

                            FTPConnection ftp = new FTPConnection();

                            ftp.ServerAddress = site.SiteLocation + folder.FolderName;

                            ftp.UserName = site.UserName;

                            ftp.Password = site.Password;

                            ftp.Protocol = FileTransferProtocol.FTP;

                            ftp.ConnectMode = FTPConnectMode.PASV;


I know the host works since I can connect with FileZilla, or by using the same site address, user name, and password with the FTPWebRequest net control.  What am I missing?

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The ServerAddress property must be set to the IP address or the hostname, so something like "" or "my.hostname.com".  You can set the ServerDirectory property to the folder-name.