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1]When I have put the following property with JVM_ARGS then logs written for FTP server but not for SFTP server.


2]when I have created following change in our application code after creating the object of SSHFTPClient then logs have written in stdout file for SFTP server.

SSHFTPClient sshFtpClient=new SSHFTPClient();


here my question is that I don't want to change in code please give me any configuration setting by which I will able to get logs for SFTP server also.

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Please see the User Guide here for details on how to enable logging in edtFTPj/PRO.

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As per the document I have tried with the following setting but still, logs are not getting generated.
java -Dedtftp.log.level=INFO com.mypackage.myclass

please suggest me which thing I need to do?
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I realised you want logs from the SFTP server. That's not something you can get from a client - you need to consult the User Guide for the server you are using.