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I've been using the .NET Pro version of EnterpriseDT to send files over SFTP for a while now, without any issues.  However, a short while ago, for  reasons which escape me, the public IP address of the server was changed, and since then when trying to SFTP I get the error "Server does not support diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 for keyexchange".  This seems odd to me, as it worked before, and nothing (else) has changed. Something I read suggested it might be that the key used on the server is somehow tied to the old IP, and so a new one needs to be generated.

If that's so - does anyone have any idea how I can set about doing this?

Or, can I change the keyexchange method used?

Or, any other ideas?


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It's likely that they are using a new server that does not have diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 enabled. You may need to upgrade to a later version that supports other key exchange algorithms  if you are using an older version.
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Thanks for your prompt reply.  I don't think anything has changed on their end. However, how can I check my version, and what is the property that sets the keyexchange method?
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You can find the DLL version in its properties via Explorer. Keyexchange is usually selected dynamically - you don't normally select it.
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OK, my version is - how old is that compared to the latest version?
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Thanks, I just tried using a trial download of the latest version, and it worked! I'll sort out an upgrade....  thanks for your help.