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I plan to create a jss authentication extension to authenticate the current logged in user before the execution of a jss script. If the user has been successfully authenticated, I want to then take that users username and password to create an instance of ftp to send files from that user.


authenticateUser(user); //jss authentication extension  

//jss script
var ftp = new Ftp();

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Yes, you can do this.  The only complication is that you'll need to store the password by returning a tag from the authenticator's authenticate function, as shown below:

function checkUserName(userName, userInfo) {
    return userName=="test";

function authenticate(userName, password, authInfo) {
    return {
        isCorrectPassword: password=="test",
        tags: {
            password: password
Note that I've hardcoded it to accept only the credentials test/test.
Once you've done that you can access the user-name and password from any JSS process trigger as follows:
var userName = system.user.userName;
var password = system.user.tags.get("password");

Does that answer your question?