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I'm getting a certificate validation failure when trying to connect to an ftp server using ftps. I did a listing of the certificate with keytool and see Owner: CN=edxuat.xxx.com but the machine that I'm trying to connect to is ftps-edxuat.xxx.com. The SubjectAlternativeName list of the certificate does have ftps-edxuat.xxx.com in it and I have added ftps-edxuat.xxx.com to the ServerCommonNames list. Does the owner value of the certificate have to be the machine name that I'm trying to connect to?
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Which product are you referring to?  Is it our .NET product, edtFTPnet/PRO?
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The product is edtFTPj/PRO
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Please enable debug logging and post the *relevant snippet* here.
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com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.ssl.SSLFTPException: The CN (Common Name), edxuat.x.com, on the server's certificate does not match its hostname, ftps-edxuat.x.com

Thanks for reminding me to look in the log.

The guy that runs the ftp server and gave me the certificate says that since the certificate has ftps-edxuat.x.com listed in the SubjectAlternativeName list it should still be validated. Does the edtFTPj/PRO library use the SubjectAlternativeName list?
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I think you can create an instance of SSLFTPStandardValidator supplying edxuat.x.com, set it in SSLFTPClient, and it should work.

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