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Hi there,

I am currently using a trial version of edtFTPnet. As part of my testing, I am downloading a 16MB file from an sFTP site. Using FileZilla, the transfer is taking approximately 12 seconds, but using the DownloadFile method, it is taking approximately 4 minutes.

Here is the code I'm using to download the file:

public void DownloadFile()


            String remoteFolder = "/FOLDERNAME/";

            String localFolder = "c:\\tmp\\";

            String sFtpSite = "SFTPSITE";

            String ftpUsername = "USERNAME";

            String ftpPassword = "PASSWORD";

            String filename = "FILENAME";

            String remoteFile = string.Concat(remoteFolder, filename);

            String localFile = String.Concat(localFolder, filename);

            SecureFTPConnection.LogLevel = EnterpriseDT.Util.Debug.LogLevel.All;

            SecureFTPConnection.LogToConsole = true;

            SecureFTPConnection.LogFile = "c:\\tmp\\log.txt";

            SecureFTPConnection sftp = new SecureFTPConnection();

            sftp.ServerAddress = sFtpSite;

            sftp.UserName = ftpUsername;

            sftp.Password = ftpPassword;

            sftp.ServerPort = 22;

            sftp.ServerValidation = EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.SecureFTPServerValidationType.None;

            sftp.Protocol = FileTransferProtocol.SFTP;

            sftp.TransferNotifyInterval = 1024 * 1024;

            sftp.BytesTransferred += sftp_BytesTransferred;


            Debug.Print(DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm:ss>") + " About to start download");

            sftp.DownloadFile(localFile, remoteFile);

            Debug.Print(DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm:ss>") + " Download completed");


        void sftp_BytesTransferred(object sender, BytesTransferredEventArgs e)


            Debug.Print(DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm:ss> ") + e.ByteCount.ToString() + " bytes downloaded");


Here is the output I'm seeing:

10:08:53> About to start download

10:09:09> 1074300 bytes downloaded

10:09:27> 2148600 bytes downloaded

10:09:43> 3222900 bytes downloaded

10:09:57> 4297200 bytes downloaded

10:10:11> 5371500 bytes downloaded

10:10:25> 6445800 bytes downloaded

10:10:39> 7520100 bytes downloaded

10:10:54> 8594400 bytes downloaded

10:11:07> 9668700 bytes downloaded

10:11:25> 10743000 bytes downloaded

10:11:41> 11817300 bytes downloaded

10:11:57> 12891600 bytes downloaded

10:12:12> 13965900 bytes downloaded

10:12:29> 15040200 bytes downloaded

10:12:46> 16114500 bytes downloaded

10:12:48> Download completed

Here is the log of the same download in FileZilla:

Status: Connected to SFTPSITE

Status: Starting download of /FOLDERNAME/FILENAME

Status: remote:/FOLDERNAME/FILENAME => local:C:\tmp\FILENAME

Status: File transfer successful, transferred 16,164,549 bytes in 12 seconds

Logfile for download

Can you suggest why the download performance might be so different?

Thanks and regards,


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To start with, make sure debug logging is turned off.
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OK I turned off debugging - and performance improved. Now it is taking 1min45sec, vs 13sec on FileZilla. Is there anything else it could be? Is speed limited with the trial version?
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Make sure you're using an AES or blowfish cipher and not 3DES.
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Thanks for that suggestion. I have tried AES128 and Blowfish - similar performance (just under two minutes, vs 12 seconds in FileZilla). Is it expectted that downloads would be multiple times slower than FileZilla?
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I wouldn't expect this, no. But I'm not sure why you are having the issue. Is it across a LAN or the Internet?
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It?s across the internet. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot other than provide the source-code and log files? I would like to use this product for my project but would need to see significantly improved performance. Thanks for your help.
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Is it possible to get a test login for your server, so that we can try to replicated this behaviour?

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I'd like to mention that my company has been using edtFTPnet/PRO as part of a product for downloading via SFTP, and we have also seen the same discrepancies in download speed.