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We are not currently using the nuget package and are just including the dll in our project. We need to upgrade to the most recent version and would like to switch to use nuget instead. We have the license key & owner in our config files.

Will this key still work for the nuget package?

I'm guessing so, but we want to be absolutely sure so we don't find out later that we had a trial version and cause major problems for clients.

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We will only be distributing the trial version via nuget, not the production version. The trial version won't work with production licenses.
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Thank you for your answer. I cannot find where to download the most recent version. Where can I get that?
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You can download it from https://connect.enterprisedt.com/#/downloads/versions/edtftpnet.pro

You'll need to login using the credentials sent to you when you purchased.
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If you are not going to put it on nuget.org would you consider making a nuget package (nupkg) that is included in the standard download then?  I can create a nuget.config file that points to a private repository.  I do this with other vendors that don't ship public nupkg files.

With NuGet my project MyProj.Ftp.csproj can reference the NuGet package and anything that references MyProj.Ftp.csproj and the MyProj.Ftp.nuget package will be able to determine it depends on edtftpnetpro and get the dll through NuGet.

Without NuGet, I need to add a nuget reference MyProj.Ftp and then also add a reference to the edtftpnetpro.dll.  It also gets messy when a project targets both net472 and netcore.  Nothing that can't be done, just need to mess around with csproj references to the correct dll.

NuGet is the standard package manager in the .net world so it should be used.

Thank you for considering.
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OK. If we create a package could you try it out?