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I received the following questions from our IT Security Team (we are an Insurance Company):

To meet the HIPAA regulation, we have to make sure our SFTP (SSH) server only offers strong cipher suites during the initial negotiation phase:

We should avoid the following:

  • algorithms known for being ?broken? (like DES)
  • bit-lengths lower or equal to 96 for encryption algorithms
  • known ?broken? MAC algorithms (like MD5)
  • plain/unencrypted crypto schemes (obviously)


Along with the above requirements, we should ensure that our SFTP server is configured to offer only the most stable and reliable versions of the protocol: SFTPv3, SFTPv5, SFTPv6.


In relation to the questions asked above can you tell me the algorithms and protocol versions used in the .Net SFTP library?

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You have control over the algorithms so you can disable the ones you don't want such as MD5 and DES - there's an API for doing so.

In SFTP we currently support SFTPv3 (as it is the most broadly supported protocol).