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I tried to create an account to ask question. But after registeration, the account does not work. So I have to send you the mail directly.

We have a very old java FTP upload component which using a very old version of edtFTPj library. Probably v1.3. This version of edtFTPj supports the transfer type EBCDIC. Please refer to the class com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.FTPTransferType.

Decompile the *.class file:


package com.enterprisedt.net.ftp;

public class FTPTransferType
  private static String cvsId = "$Id: FTPTransferType.java,v 1.3 2001/10/09 20:54:08 bruceb Exp $";
  public static FTPTransferType ASCII = new FTPTransferType();
  public static FTPTransferType BINARY = new FTPTransferType();
  public static FTPTransferType EBCDIC = new FTPTransferType();
  public static FTPTransferType STRUCTRECORD = new FTPTransferType();
  public static FTPTransferType NOSTRUC = new FTPTransferType();
  static String ASCII_CHAR = "A";
  static String BINARY_CHAR = "I";
  static String EBCDIC_CHAR = "E";
  static String STRUCTRECORD_CHAR = "R";

Now we are trying to refacoring our component, but the latest edtFTPj does not support EDBDIC. I find a potential solution in the FAQ: http://enterprisedt.com/questions/index.php/211/encoding-problem-probably-with-ebcdic?show=211#q211

Could you please advise:

1. When the EBCDIC was not supported? If possiable, could you advise the reason that it was not supported any more?

2. Does the link I found could be considered as the solution to upload file with EBCDIC? If not, could you advise?

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EBCDIC has never been supported. The author of your upload component has probably modified the source to add support for it.