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Hi, I'm trying to use your library (edtftp-j-pro version 5.2.2) with ssh-ed25519 keys but the following error occurs:


DEBUG [SSHFTPClient] 27 giu 2017 14:26:06.513 : Created SFTP client.

giu 27, 2017 2:26:06 PM com.anritsu.ndaf.tools.core.output.ftp.FTPManager openConnection

INFO: Opening FTP connection to host: ...

DEBUG [SSHFTPValidator] 27 giu 2017 14:26:06.524 : Loading known hosts file

WARN [AbstractKnownHostsKeyVerification] 27 giu 2017 14:26:06.528 : Failed to read key for host '': ssh-ed25519 is not supported


at the end the following exception is thrown:

com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.ssh.SSHFTPKeyException: The host signature is invalid or the host key was not accepted!


Can you please confirm that ssh-ed25519 signature scheme is not currently supported? Is there any chance that it will be supported in new versions?  Thanks, BR

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It's not supported right now but if and when it gets more popular we'll end up supporting it.