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I seem to be having issues after downloading large files of about 1.5 gigs or more. Files of a couple of hundred megs are fine.

After the download of large files, the DownloadFiles method doesn't hand back control to my calling code. No exceptions are thrown, and nothing out of the ordinary appears in the debug information. The last entry after the download initiation is a confirmation of the amount of bytes transferred.

The download is definitely successful. The file downloaded is complete.

I thought it was perhaps a timeout issue, but I recall the default being two minutes. I tried setting it to two hours, which was more than enough time for the download I tested, but that made no difference.

I'll provide a code snippet once I'm by my pc.

Has anyone had this issue before? I have googled to no end, and it appears that I am alone here. I'm using the free version of edtftpnet, in a .net application.
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Often with large files the server will time out the control channel connection.  Anyway post the debug log snippet of the end of the transfer and we'll take a look.
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Thanks, sorry about the delay, I made it only download between 00:00 and 08:00, and it seems to be intermittent. This morning it didn't stall at all. Hopefully it'll happen again tomorrow morning.

I have enabled the most verbose logging, so I'm hoping it'll show something. The last time I had debug logging enabled and it didn't show anything useful.

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