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Hi Support,

We tried to do a purchase for edtftpj/pro (individual license) under username gibksa01 and gib01ksa but webpage just displays processing screen/ hanging after entering the credit card details.

Purchase attempted today between 10 to 11 AM GMT.

Please check and advice.  


Thank you.

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I'm sorry for your trouble.

I've checked the logs.  I can see lots of login attempts by gibksa01, but they all failed.  Did you actually manage to log in successfully with this user-name?  It seems unlikely as there are no accounts with a user-name that looks similar to this.  Please note that our ordering system doesn't share account with our Q&A and helpdesk systems, so you'll need to create a new account when you order.  I've verified that no credit card transaction has been created in association with your attempts to order, so it's safe to try again.  When you do, please just create a new account with a new username.