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How to get machine listings? (MLST/MLSD)

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asked May 6 in General by jeremyrudd (120 points)
Does EDT FTP support machine listings? In specific I mean the MLST/MLSD commands. And if so, then which parser to use to get these? WindowsFileParser? UnixFileParser?
commented May 6 by support2 (143,750 points)
In the Java version, yes. In the .NET version, no. Which are you interested in?
commented May 6 by jeremyrudd (120 points)
I'm using the .NET FREE version. So why are those not available in the .NET version? I heard that machine listings are the most accurate? or is there a better command that it supports?
commented May 7 by support2 (143,750 points)
We haven't got around to implementing these in the .NET version. A lot of servers still don't support them so they aren't high priority.  You can use the GetFileInfos() methods.

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