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EnterpriseDT.Net | Permission Denied Exception

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asked May 2 in .NET FTP by mailrash2k (120 points)
One of our clients is using edtFTPnetPRO.dll version to connect to a SFTP location via the BizTalk SFTP adapter. Today they reported an issue whereby files were not getting written to the configured location and the below exception was being thrown suggesting an issue with permissions:

Unable write file to /abc/def/ghi/kjl/123.TXT ---> EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.Ssh.SFTPException: Permission denied (code=3)
   at N0yKvy3rx7RIrdwkeft.RZKe7m3PZSiXHWmIuR6.PqltnCQWNp(Int32 )
   at N0yKvy3rx7RIrdwkeft.RZKe7m3PZSiXHWmIuR6.vlxt22pCR8(String , Int32 , roIgwGC2k8XIoTvWRlZ )
   at EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.Ssh.SSHFTPClient.L6TBrilbWE(Stream , String , String , Boolean )
   at EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.Ssh.SSHFTPClient.Put(Stream input, String remote, Boolean append)
   at EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.Ssh.SSHFTPClient.Put(Stream input, String remote)

We suggested them to review the permission on the concerned folder.

They informed that they were able to perform the same action on the same folder using winscp.

Kindly help advise what further action can be done in this regard to troubleshoot/rectify the issue.
commented May 2 by support2 (143,750 points)
Get a debug log file for both edtFTPnet/PRO and WinSCP and compare to ensure they are referring to the same file.  The logs will give a lot more information too. If that doesn't resolve the issue, please open a support ticket here: http://enterprisedt.com/support/open.php
commented May 2 by mailrash2k (120 points)
Thanks for the prompt response. Request to kindly advise if the debug log file is something auto-generated always or has to be configured/enabled to start logging information. If it is auto-generated could you advise the log path. Appreciate if you could advise in this regard.
commented May 3 by mailrash2k (120 points)
Hi Team,

As per your earlier advice we tried to check the logs. While the logging for enterprise dt is not configured yet, the winSCP logs didnt show anything unusual. Also, the same user was used to connect to the SFTP server via enterprise dt and winSCP. Please let us know what further information we could check to troubleshoot and fix this case.
commented May 3 by support2 (143,750 points)
Please open a support ticket (link above).

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