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Licenses are per server

CompleteFTP licenses are purchased per server - one license for each machine that CompleteFTP is running on. 

Licenses don't expire

When a license is purchased, it includes 12 months of technical support and upgrades. 

The license never expires, and so it can be used perpetually without ever renewing technical support. Renewal of technical support is required to continue having access to upgrades and for assistance when required.

Transferring licenses

CompleteFTP licenses can be transferred between machines by using the "Release License" option on the installed machine. This converts the license on the installed machine to a 30 day license, and frees up the license to apply to another machine.

Corporate licensing

A corporate license can be purchased which allows unlimited deployments within your organization. It is cost-effective for more than 20 installations. You can upgrade to a corporate license, and we'll deduct the cost of licenses you have already purchased.