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Hi I recently downloaded the trial version of edtFTPnetPro with the objetive test the open concurrent conection to the same ftp server, but i use de command ftpConnection.ConcurrentTransferSettings.MaxConnections = 5 connection but only open 4 o 3 connection in the server when i transfer files simultaneously using thread en .NET

This is part of my code when i setting the connection.

// set the license

                ftpConnection.LicenseOwner = "TrialUser";

                ftpConnection.LicenseKey = "898-6810-4211-2748";


                ftpConnection.ServerAddress = Properties.Settings.Default.ServerFtp;

                ftpConnection.UserName = Properties.Settings.Default.ServerUser;

                ftpConnection.Password = Properties.Settings.Default.ServerPassword;

                ftpConnection.ServerPort = Properties.Settings.Default.ServerPort;

                ftpConnection.ConcurrentTransferSettings.Enabled = true;

                ftpConnection.ConcurrentTransferSettings.MaxConnections = 5;


thanks for you support


Rodrigo Munoz.

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I think one connection is always kept as the "master" connection and so if you want 5 connections for transferring, set it to 6.