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Dear All,

The email notifications we receive for user logins are as follows:


Subject: %LoginUserName%

Body: %LoginUserName% failed to authenticate to FTP server.


The expected output should be to display the username of the user trying to login.

Please advise on what could be causing this issue.


Best Regards.
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What version are you on?
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Version 9.1.2
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Dear All,

Do you have any update for the below? How can we troubleshoot this?
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I suspect this is for SFTP - do you have ?Notify on error? checked? If so, uncheck this option and try again (it looks like there may be a bug with ?Notify on error?).
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I tested it and "Notify on success" works fine. The problem is indeed with "Notify on error". This is an important setting for us though. When should we expect for this to be patched?
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We're not sure if there is a fix yet. The way SFTP clients work, they send a fake login attempt and receive back a list of authentication methods to try. So this is what you are seeing - the failed login attempt that isn't really a login attempt.

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