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I'm just doing a trial of CompleteFTP and have an initial issue with accessing the HTTP client as an anonymous user.

In the user general settings I have Allow Public HTTP Access.

When I access the server using http://localhost it opens and asks for a login, when I try the username anonymous it doesn't let me in. 

Ideally I don't want to show a login page for anonymous users

Can I bypass the login page?

I can login to the HTTP client with a normal user account that I set up


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You can't explicitly login with user "anonymous" for HTTP. Every visit to the server via a browser is anonymous unless you're logged in.

All your anonymous pages can be placed here:

C:\ProgramData\Enterprise Distributed Technologies\Complete FTP\Public

That folder doesn't require a login to access it. The default index.html page has a login link, but also public pages that anyone can view (i.e. anonymous users).