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You can directly query the configuration database using this tool

Make a copy of C:\ProgramData\Enterprise Distributed Technologies\Complete FTP\config.sdf, install the viewer and then open the copy using the viewer.

Then run this query (or similar) in the query editor:

SELECT UserName,FullName,Description from [User]

You can copy and paste the result.

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Thanks but it appears the link originally provided does not have a tool, it is just literature about how to use SQL Server Compact, I cannot find where to download this tool in the Microsoft site, can you please confirm the tool or suggest another to use to accomplish this task?   Thanks.
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At least in my case I had to install Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio Express, found at:


Which provided the opportunity to select Server Type "SQL Server Compact" , not just "Database Engine".  When SQL Server Compact is chosen, the ability to select a file like config.sdf  is provided, and it works!! :)

To be clear, the option to open "SQL Server Compact" is NOT AVAILABLE on SQL Server Management Studio 2016, which is why you need to install the older Management Studio to get that option.  Hope this helps.