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Can I use FTPS in IPv6 only environment?

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asked Apr 8, 2016 in Java FTP by sky (120 points)
I try using FTPS in IPv6 only environment.  But Illegal PORT command error occurs.

Looking source code, library uses PORT command when it connects to server by FTP over SSL.

When I do not use SSL, library uses EPRT command.

Why library does not use EPRT command when it uses SSL or TLS?

I use edtftpj-pro_4_8_1.
commented Apr 12, 2016 by support2 (143,750 points)
You're correct - it doesn't support IPv6 for FTP over SSL.

It's probably not hard to add support for this - please email support at enterprisedt dot com if you'd like to try a version with this change.
commented Apr 14, 2016 by sky (120 points)
Does not edtFTPj-pro support IPv6 for FTP over SSL with the latest version?

If it doesn't support IPv6 for FTP over SSL, do you plan to support it?
commented Apr 14, 2016 by support2 (143,750 points)
No. But we can probably implement it very easily. If you send us an email, we'll send you a link when it is ready to try.
commented Apr 15, 2016 by sky (120 points)
Thanks, I will send you an email.

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