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I love that starting version 8.2.0 CompleteFTP has Per-user IP filtering. But based on a User's Guide http://enterprisedt.com/products/completeftp/doc/guide/index.html, I need to first deny Access from other IP addresses -- that prevents me from using this feature.

I need CompleteFTP Pro to go even further, I need some of my FTP server users to be able to come from All IP address, and some from specific IP addresses.

Now, if I don't change IP filtering to Deny over Allow, specifying IP address for a user does nothing -- I need CompleteFTP to drop connection after a user name has been entered, not before, if the username's IP address is wrong.

On the other side, CompleteFTP Enterprise way of achieving this with multiple sites is not acceptable either -- it has a side effect -- each site needs a different port to access it, instead of regular port 21.

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Someone else requested this mid last year and we added support for it.  I'm not sure which version it was added, but it's definitely in the current version 8.5.1.  There's no visible change in the user-interface, but a new configuration of rules is supported.

Here's how I described it to our tester:

The way that this requirement can be realized by the admin is that they set precedence to 'allow before deny' and then add two rules for each restricted user: one to deny all access from all addresses for that user, and the other to allow access from one specific address for that user.  This can be done in the IP filtering dialog box.

It looks like your support agreement has expired.  You can extend it here.  If you just want to test the latest version then you can download the trial from here.