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We're using edtftpj 2.4.0 in an application with high traffic. Our normal log level is INFO. One of edtftpj's log messages that occurs very often is:

[16/01/29 09:05:20.913 MEZ] main     FTPControlSoc I com.enterprisedt.FTPControlSocket invoke0 Substituting server supplied IP ( with remote host IP (

That line would be interesting if a real substitution occurred, i.e. the server supplied IP was really replaced by a different remote host IP. However, it is also logged if there is no difference between server supplied IP and remote host IP.

Can you please change edtfpj to log that line on debug level? Or only log that line if a real IP substiturion occurred?


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Thanks for this suggestion.  It'll be done this way in the next release.
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Great! Thank you!

Can you tell me when the next release will be available? In edtFTPj's revision history on http://enterprisedt.com/products/edtftpj/doc/manual/html/history.html I see that the most current release is 2.4.0 from December 2012.
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I wasn't aware that it's been that long since we did a release of edtFTPj/Free.  I queried my colleague (who's in charge of releases) about it and he said that he feels that, although there have been many changes in the commercial version, edtFTPj/PRO, the code-base for edtFTPj/Free has been largely unchanged through this period.  I suppose we will do one soon.  If you e-mail us (support@enterprisedt.com) we can send you the latest code.
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Thank you for the offer. However, as this isn't urgent for me, I'll rather wait for the next official release of edtFTPj/Free.