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  1. Open the Windows Firewall dashboard (e.g. by entering wf.msc on the command-line)
  2. Click Inbound Rules (left panel)
  3. Click New Rule... (right panel)
  4. Select Program as the type of rule and click Next
  5. Enter the path of CompleteFTPService.exe (see * below) and click Next
  6. Select Allow the connection and click Next
  7. Check Domain, Private and Public and click Next
  8. Enter the name of the rule (e.g. CompleteFTP inbound) and click Finish

It is worth noting that if CompleteFTP is in a DMZ, you may need to open firewall ports to allow it to access domain controllers to add users. Typically the LDAP ports will need to be opened: TCP and/or UDP 389.

* CompleteFTPService.exe is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Complete FTP\Server on 64-bit systems and in C:\Program Files\Complete FTP\Server on 32-bit systems.