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Hi there

I try to login to my FTP Site via an SQL DB Authentication.

I configured the databaseUser with an Connectionstring and an SQL Query.

When running the Testlogin in the Dialog with the User and the Password it says Authentication is sucessfull and it shows me the correct home folder.

But whe i try to connect from a client pc whith the Username and Password it did not work.

Each time i enter the Password he asks for Password again.

I got the Errormessage:

INFO PassCommand [xxx] Login failed: String reference not set to an instance of a String.
INFO PassCommand [xxx] Parameter name: s (Remote IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
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Can you please open a ticket in our help-system (enterprisedt.com/help) and include a log-file from CompleteFTP with the logging-level set to DEBUG.

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This turned out to be a bug in version 8.5.0.  The fix will be released with the next version of CompleteFTP (probably 8.5.1).
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Thanks for you assistance