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Hey guys,

I just had a quick question, guaranteed I'm doing something wrong, but I was just using your FTPClient to make a java ftp gui, and wanted to also have command line access. I've been trying to use quote(...,[...]) to do this, then put the result in a string, and display the string. (ex: ls -l) Buuut, it doesn't do anything. Is my understanding wrong? is this not what it is meant for, or am i doing something wrong, or is there another way around this? Thanks[/quote]

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The quote() method lets you enter any standard FTP command. It doesn't give support for shell commands like "ls". You need to supply the expected return code, see RFC959.


String[] validCodes = {"213"};
quote("SIZE filename", validCodes);

You might be after the site() method, which sends site specific commands.

FTP on a commandline client to the server and type "HELP SITE" for what your server supports.