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Specifies types of File Transfer Protocols.

Namespace: EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp
Assembly: edtFTPnet (in edtFTPnet.dll) Version:


public enum FileTransferProtocol
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration FileTransferProtocol
Visual C++
public enum class FileTransferProtocol


Member nameValueDescription
FTP0 Standard FTP over unencrypted TCP/IP connections.
FTPSExplicit1 Explicit FTPS: Standard FTP-over-SSL as defined in RFC4217.
FTPSImplicit2 Implicit FTPS: Nonstandard, legacy version of FTP-over-SSL.
SFTP3 SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol.
SCP6 SCP - Secure Copy.
HTTP4 HTTP - standard unencrypted HTTP transfers

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