Service: mail


The mail service facilitates the sending of e-mail messages via SMTP. The properties of mail.smtp must be set before the mail.send function can be used.


mail.smtp.server = "";
mail.smtp.port = 587;
mail.smtp.userName = "";
mail.smtp.password = "my.password";
mail.smtp.enableSSL = true;

mail.send("", "", "Test message", "This is a test");

The above sends a plain-text message. Rich-text messages may be sent as follows:

mail.send("", "", "Test message", {
    textPlain: "This is a test",
    textHtml: "No, <b>this</b> is a test"


(static) smtp

SMTP server configuration

Name Type Description
server String

Host-name or IP address of SMTP server.

port String

Port of SMTP server.

userName String

User-name of account on SMTP server.

password String

Password of account on SMTP server.

enableSSL Boolean

Set to true if using SSL.


(static) send(from, to, subjectopt, bodyopt, attachmentsopt, headersopt)

Sends an e-mail message via SMTP as configured by the smtp object of this class. The body of the message may be a simple string (plain-text) or an object defining a multi-part MIME encoded message (see below). Attachments from the CompleteFTP virtual file-system may also be added.

Name Type Attributes Description
from String

From address

to String

To address

subject String <optional>

Subject of the message

body Object <optional>

Body of the message. This may either be a simple string or an object. If it's an object then a MIME multi-part message will be generated. One part will be generated for each property. The MIME type of the part is determined by the name of the property, e.g. the property "textPlain" becomes the type "text/plain", and "textHtml" becomes "text/html". The content of a part is the stringified value of the corresponding property value.

attachments Array.<String> <optional>

Array of strings containing the paths in the virtual file-system of the files to be attached.

headers Object <optional>

Name-value pairs of header variables.