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Hi, I come in with no fundamental knowledge of crypto technology.

We have been connecting/uploading file to a particular host successfully (Based on UNIX) for many years.

Recently, (Without any changes performed at our end) we no longer are able to upload file.
Having a preliminary conversation with the remote system's engineer, we were asked which ciphers/algorithms we are using. (They are suspecting that we are using deprecated ones but would not tell us if they have recently updated anything on their end)
We run EDTFTPJPro on a windows server and I am struggling to find out how such setting in stored in our system.

Below is log recorded for the event mentioned above.

Any information you can offer would be appreciated!

19/03/2021 00:03:51.836 :Handling SFTP Request : SFTPPUT:AML.cba:sancprodxcomcfscs:password:/cba_app/SANC/PROD/inbound/CFC:CFC_AMLSanctions-20210319.PER:44405579
19/03/2021 00:03:51.852 :TempFile=D:\ServerProcesses\JPS\..\temp\sftp1583204419548852068prxy
19/03/2021 00:03:51.852 : Host=AML.cba uName=sancprodxcomcfscs Pass=password KeyFile= Remote Dir=/cba_app/SANC/PROD/inbound/CFC Remote filename=CFC_AMLSanctions-20210319.PER
19/03/2021 00:03:51.852 :Setting up binary transfers over SFTP (ssh)
19/03/2021 00:03:51.852 :Notice: Setting remote host
19/03/2021 00:03:51.852 :Notice: Setting user authentication
19/03/2021 00:04:51.930 :Closing connection
19/03/2021 00:04:51.930 :Error: SFtp failed.19/03/2021 00:04:51.930 :Error: Exception:com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.ssh.SSHFTPException: The SSH client has not yet connected to the server.  The requested action cannot be performed until after a connection has been established.
19/03/2021 00:04:51.930 :Notice: Internal connection closed

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If you follow the instructions here and record a debug level log of your connection then you should see the algorithms that your client is offering the server during the negotiation of the SSH connection.