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We use edtFTPjPRO as SFTP client to download files from a remote location.

Recently, for >150 MB files, we notice that the download gets aborted after 2 to 2.30 minutes. There is no timeout set on edtFTPjPRO SFTP client. Understand that the default is 60 seconds. We even tried to increase it but that had no effect.

We use the below method to read the file from remote location :-

get(java.io.OutputStream destStream, java.lang.String remoteFile)

We notice that the temporary file (destStream) starts growing in size but generally after crossing 30 MB (after 2 to 2.30 minutes have elapsed), download aborts with an IOException.

Error on remote SFTP Server at the same point is :-

SFTP Server: Client request error. Invalid 'read' offset requested [34238295]. Expected [34140030].

Can you please shed some light on why is this occurring and how can we get around this.


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