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I need to send off files to any of several endpoints (by SFTP),  as they become available. Right now, I'm opening a new FTP connection each time I'm ready to send, but this is not a good use of the connection, and eventually bogs my server down. Is there a pool manager, which would give me the already-open connection to a given endpoint, or open a new one if needed?

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How often do you need to send files? Typically, SFTP servers will disconnect a connection if it is idle for more than a few minutes, so if it is more than say two minutes between sends, you should disconnect and reconnect each time.
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I have hundreds of files coming in over a short time period, so it seems like I want to keep the connection open.

It's possible I am doing something else wrong, and that opening new connections is not the reason I am seeing performance issues.  My code looks roughly like this (error handling omitted):

        public void SendFile(Stream fileStream, string filename)
           var client = new SSHFTPClient() { .... };

            client.CloseStreamsAfterTransfer = true;

        ... authentication stuff omitted ....



        client.Put(fileStream, filename);

I'm assuming that CloseStreamsAfterTransfer handles closing the connection. Is that correct?
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You need to call Close() to close the connection.

But this probably isn't the way to do it if you have lots of files coming in in a short time period.

I don't know how you kick off the program, but I would read a list of all the files you have available, connect, transfer the files and then disconnect - NOT a new connection each file. The next time the program is launched do the same thing.
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I figured I should call Close, but it's not obvious how to do that.  The SSHFTPClient class does not have a close method.  Can you provide an example of closing the connection?

It sounds like I will have to manage the pool of connections to different endpoints on my own if I want to dispatch files to different locations as they arrive.
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The method to close the connection is called Quit(), matching the equivalent command in command-line FTP.

Yes, the inbuilt connection pool doesn't handle multiple destinations.