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SSHFTPClient supports binary and ASCII transfer modes. Binary mode means the file is exactly replicated, while ASCII transfer mode means that end of line characters are translated between platforms. Nothing else is changed.
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- Thanks for the quick response.
- But I am getting exception when trying to read utf-16le based encoded file while transfer mode is selected as binary and encoding as UTF-16LE.[So in the code, It looks like client.setControlEncoding("UTF-16LE"), Does something like this support by SSHFTPClient and SFTP server] .
- And that too the exception's reply code is 2
- Is the problem due to locale envirnment variable' value of sftp server [My current sftp server locale is en.US UTF-8 and i am tying to read UTF-16LE encode file by binary transfer mode]
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setControlEncoding has nothing to do with the type of file being transferred. Remove that line.