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Socket closed before handshake is complete (2) on connecting to FTPSExplicit server

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asked Dec 9, 2016 in .NET FTP by rpr (120 points)
We have problems connecting to a specific FTPSExplicit server with version of edtFTPnet/PRO.

We never had problems connecting to this server using version, but we were forced to upgrade to version because we got AccessViolationExceptions after moving the application from an older Windows server to Windows Server 2012.

There are other FTPSExplicit and normal FTP connections made by the same application that work fine on version on the new server.

Using a minimal test application on my development PC (Windows 8.1) I can connect to the problematic FTPS server without problems using version, but also get the "Socket closed before handshake is complete (2)" when I switch to version

I tried forcing a specific SSLVersion on the connection (tried all available enumeration values), without result.

Downgrading to version is not an option because of the AccessViolationException issue.
commented Dec 9, 2016 by support2 (143,750 points)
This question can't easily be answered on the forum. Please open a support ticket here:  http://enterprisedt.com/support/open.php

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