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How to FTP through a SOCKS proxy

SOCKS is a protocol that many proxy servers use to communicate with clients. It allows computers behind a firewall to communicate with computers outside the firewall. During this communication the proxy server acts as a relay for information sent in both directions.  Please refer to the topic Proxies for more information on this.

All SOCKS options are set using the ProxySettings group of properties.

Firstly, the protocol must be chosen via the ProxyType. The default is NoProxy. One of Socks4, Socks4A and Socks5 option should be selected (there is also Http, for HTTP proxies).

All proxies require the ProxyAddress to be set, and optionally the ProxyPort.

SOCKS4 and SOCKS4A simply require the UserName to be set. No password is required. Note that with SOCKS4A domain names are passed to the server for resolution to IP addresses.

SOCKS5 requires at least one SOCKS5 authentication method to be enabled. One or more of the NullAuthenticationEnabled and PasswordAuthenticationEnabled flags should be set to true. If password authentication is enabled, the Password property must also be set.

Note that SOCKS were previously set via the SocksProxySettings property, and the SOCKS editor. This is now obsolete, and all proxy settings should be set via the ProxySettings group of properties. SocksProxySettings in existing code will continue to work, however all new code should use ProxySettings.