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Settings for SOCKS proxy.

Namespace: EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp
Assembly: edtFTPnetPRO (in edtFTPnetPRO.dll) Version:


[ObsoleteAttribute("Use ProxySettings")]
public virtual SocksContext SocksProxySettings { get; set; }
Visual Basic
<ObsoleteAttribute("Use ProxySettings")> _
Public Overridable Property SocksProxySettings As SocksContext
Visual C++
[ObsoleteAttribute(L"Use ProxySettings")]
virtual property SocksContext^ SocksProxySettings {
	SocksContext^ get ();
	void set (SocksContext^ value);


SOCKS may be used for FTPing through firewalls. For this to be possible a SOCKS proxy must be available, and a user account must be set up on that proxy. ExFTPConnection supports all the popular versions of SOCKS - 4, 4A, and 5.

SocksProxySettings is easiest to edit using the specialized editor available through the Property View.

The SOCKS features are controlled entirely through the SocksProxySettings property. If it is null (the default) then SOCKS is not used. To use SOCKS, the property must be set to an instance of Socks4Context or Socks5Context. For example, for SOCKS4:

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                   myFTPClient.SocksContext = new Socks4Context("", 1080, "marvin23");
and for SOCKS5:
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                   Socks5Context socksContext = new Socks5Context("", 1080);
                   socksContext.AuthMethods.Add(new Socks5NoAuthMethod());
                   socksContext.AuthMethods.Add(new Socks5UserNamePasswordAuthMethod("marvin23", "m31erk"));
                   myFTPClient.SocksProxySettings = socksContext;

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