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Triggered when a decision is being made on how to synchronize a particular file (i.e. transfer, delete or skip).

Namespace: EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp
Assembly: edtFTPnetPRO (in edtFTPnetPRO.dll) Version:


public event FTPSyncFileEventHandler SynchronizingFile
Visual Basic
Public Event SynchronizingFile As FTPSyncFileEventHandler
Visual C++
 event FTPSyncFileEventHandler^ SynchronizingFile {
	void add (FTPSyncFileEventHandler^ value);
	void remove (FTPSyncFileEventHandler^ value);


This event may be used to set the action that is to be taken during the synchronization operation. The event arguments (FTPSyncFileEventHandler) gives access to information about each file, including name, path, date and size. These may be used to decide what sort of action should be taken, which is done by setting the Action property.

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