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edtFTPnet/Compact revision history

Version Description
Version 2.2.0
(25 February 2011)
  • Fixed demo problem re designer giving an error for FormBorderStyle.None
  • Fix for making AutoPassiveSubstitution work for proxies.
  • Make sure all exceptions are serializable.
  • Tweaks to UnixFileParser to support more formats.
  • Fixed bug in active mode FTP/FTPS where zero timeout was not infinite.
  • If server doesn't support REST, resuming simply overwrites rather than failing.
  • Default encoding for FTP control channel now set to Windows-1252 rather than US-ASCII.
  • Allow other processes to read a file that is being uploaded.
  • FTPConnection now permits UserName to be changed when connected.
  • Fixed resume download bug where if resume() is called twice, firstly on an existing file, and then when there is no local file, the second download also resumes.
  • Added KillControlChannel() to FTPClient.
  • Added DirectoryExists.
Version 2.1.0
(14 January 2010)
  • Tweaked demo so it works properly on small screens (e.g. mobile phones).
  • Add support for MODE Z for FTP transfers, enabling on the fly compression when connecting to servers supporting MODE Z.
  • Added a Synchronize how to.
  • Stopped first level subdirectories from being created if IncludeSubdirectories was false.
  • Added DirectoryExists.
  • Improved error logging in synchronization. Improved discrimination between different errors during remote listing part of synchronization.
  • Name resolution is not attempted when using proxies.
  • Full file-paths added to event-args where appropriate.
  • Fixed hanging bug related to BytesTransferred event.
  • Added continue-on-error option to synchronization.
  • Synchronize methods now return result object describing actions.
  • Fixed bug when transferring recursively from/to root directory.
  • Minor file parsing bug fixes.
  • Now throws FTPTransferCancelledException when uploads are cancelled in FTP.
  • Add ability to throttle transfer rate to a set maximum bytes/sec.
  • Added optional file integrity checking after transfers (uses CRC checks if supported by the server, otherwise size).
  • Fixed problem whereby FTP server errors such as 452 are accepted in non-strict reply checking mode.
Version 2.0.0
(5 March 2009)
  • Added RollingFileAppender to the logging package.
  • Added FXP support.
  • Added RetryCount & RetryDelay for retrying failed transfers automatically.
  • Fixed TransferType bug - if AutoLogin was set to false and TransferType was set before connecting, it defaulted to ASCII.
  • Refactored directory listing parsing. Fix for Korean months in UnixFileParser.
  • For resuming uploads, now send SIZE prior to establishing data socket.
  • Added TandemFileParser (not autodetect, must be set manually).
  • Synchronize now creates empty directories.
  • Added support for BytesTransferred event during directory listings.
  • Fixed problem where server replies had embedded \r chars. This meant it was wrongly thought that the reply was complete, when in fact more was to come (resulting in out of order replies further along). Now permit \r\n or \n as EOL - not \r.
  • Fixed problem with Microsoft ISA HTTP proxy (failing because of multiple proxy-authenticate header fields).
  • Fix bug where on resuming an FTP transfer, the local file gets locked.
Version 1.2.0
(20 June 2008)
  • Add directory synchronization capabilities.
  • Added FTPConnectionClosedException, thrown when a 421 reply is received.
  • Fixed Downloaded and related events so that the user knows if the operation succeeded or not.
  • Downloaded & Deleted events were firing twice during multiple download methods.
  • LastTransferCancelled property now set to true if user cancelled the transfer within OnUploading or OnDownloading.
  • Allow for remote file-name to be altered in Uploading event-handlers.
  • Directory listing fix to try to validate the transfer on an error occurring.
  • Downloaded event now gets the absolute path of the local file.
  • Recursive GetFileInfos now returns the total size of directories.
  • When first logging in, don't allow failure to change to ServerDirectory to throw an exception.
  • Fixed bug where StrictReplyCodes wasn't being set correctly (so was always strict).
  • Close(true) now closes the data socket unconditionally.
  • Made text properties localizable.
  • Added AccountInfo property to FTPConnection for sending an ACCT string while logging in.
  • SendAccountInfo added to send the ACCT command independently.
  • Fixed synchronization problems in Logger re iterating through appenders.
  • Fixed FTPFileTransferEventArgs so that RemotePath and RemoteDirectory return correct results if remote file is specified with a path (absolute or relative).
  • Added comprehensive Developer's Guide.
Version 1.1.1
(16 November 2007)
  • Fixed bug where local file handles not closed, locking the files.
Version 1.1.0
(12 November 2007)
  • Added ExFTPConnection, which includes HTTP download capability, use of SOCKS proxies and HTTP proxies, and directory transfers.
  • Fix bug where even if a custom parser is set, the parser determined by SYST is used.
  • Removed FileTransferProtocol enums for unsupported secure protocols.
  • ShowHiddenFiles flag added for directory listings and directory transfers.
Version 1.0.1
(17 October 2007)
  • Ensure local file streams are explicitly closed after transfers are complete. When a BufferedStream is closed, in some CF platforms it seems that it does not close the stream that it owns.
  • Ignore FTPException from Size() if resume is being tried for an upload (which occurs if the file does not exist).
Version 1.0
(26 June 2007)