Block connections from specific IP addresses (blacklisting)

This guide illustrates how to allow access from anywhere except specific (blacklisted) IP addresses.

  1. From the side-bar menu, select the 'Settings' panel (Professional Edition)
    OR the 'Sites' panel (Enterprise Edition).
  2. Click the ellipsis button of the 'IP filtering' property of the 'IP filtering and Auto-Banning' category.
  3. In the 'IP Filtering dialog', make sure the 'Deny over allow' option is selected.
  4. Create a rule to allow connection from all IP addresses.
    By default there's a rule that allows connections from all IP address. If you have changed/removed it you'll need to add it again.
    Once this is done, all connections will be permitted from any IP address.
  5. Create a rule that denies connections from a specific IP address.
    1. Add a 'Deny' rule.
    2. Enter the IP address you wish to block, e.g.
      Note that it's also possible to deny connections from:
      • The first one, two or three parts of an IP address, such as 192.168, which specifies all the IP addresses that begin with those parts.
      • A specific numeric range of IP addresses, such as
      • An Internet host-name.
      • A LAN network name.
  6. Close the 'IP Filtering' dialog then click the 'Apply changes' button.