Accept connections only from specific IP addresses (whitelisting)

This guide illustrates how to deny access from everywhere except specific (whilelisted) IP addresses.

  1. From the side-bar menu, select the 'Settings' panel (Professional Edition)
    OR the 'Sites' panel (Enterprise Edition).
  2. Click the ellipsis button of the 'IP filtering' property of the 'IP filtering and Auto-Banning' category.
  3. In the 'IP Filtering dialog', select the 'Allow over deny' radio button.
  4. Create a rule to deny access from all IP addresses.
    If there's currently a rule that allows all connections, change this to deny all.
    Now, no connections will be allowed from any IP address.
  5. Create a rule that allows connections from a specific IP address.
    1. Add an 'Allow (unless autobanned)' rule.
    2. Enter the IP address that is permitted to connect to the CompleteFTP server, e.g.
      Note that it's also possible to allow connections from:
      • The first one, two or three parts of an IP address, such as 192.168, which specifies all the IP addresses that begin with those parts.
      • A specific numeric range of IP addresses, such as
      • An Internet host-name.
      • A LAN network name.
  6. Close the 'IP Filtering' dialog then click the 'Apply changes' button.