Multiple sites

The Enterprise Edition of CompleteFTP supports the creation and administration of multiple sites, in addition to the "default site" (consisting of the default ports for FTP,SFTP and HTTP/HTTPS) and the "admin site" (the port connected to by the CompleteFTP manager to administer CompleteFTP, 14982 (for FTPS) and 14983 (for SFTP) by default.

For example, it may be desirable to have internal users access one or more intranet sites, and to create a completely different site, using different port numbers, for users external to the organisation. This could be called the "Public Site". The external user port for FTP might be 10021, and the external user port for SFTP might be 10022.

In this situation the external firewall would be configured to forward external connections to the correct internal port numbers, which would be different to the standard port numbers for FTP and SFTP. So external FTP users connecting to port 21 on the firewall would be forwarded to port 10021, the port on

Users can also be restricted to use certain sites, so that a separate group of logins can be maintained for external users.

In the Enterprise Edition, the available sites are listed on the left hand side of the Sites panel. Sites can be added via the 'Add site' link, and deleted via the 'Remove' link. Extreme care should be taken when deleting sites.

The Admin site is displayed in Sites by selecting 'Show system users/folders/sites' in the Options menu at the bottom left of the window. The Admin site cannot be deleted, as it is required to administer CompleteFTP.